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Sanctions are back. But that isn’t the big story

Let’s not beat about the bush. Renewed US sanctions on Iran have gone into effect and it’s justifiably a big story. For a start, it shows that Washington is willing to make good on its criticism of Iran’s leadership. Confirming

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Why is the media deaf to Iranian threats?

If you had just landed on planet Earth this week, you might easily have been fooled into thinking that Iran were being bullied and victimized. Such has been the hysteria in large portions of the global media over US President

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IRGC on the table

In the follow up of president Trump’s speech on the new Iranian strategy, in which he targeted the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), many media outlets and think-tanks have focused on the IRGC, examining once again their global activity. It

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Turkey joins Iran in the shift from diplomacy to military force

Turkey and Iran have become buddies again. The increased visits and coordination between Iran and Turkey indicate a common fear, derived from the phenomena of the Kurdish referendum. Turkish president Erdogan just visited Iran, which further consolidated the joint stand

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Iranian infiltration in the US

Several reports have dwelled on Iranian backed infiltration into the US. Some of the reports deal with soft-power quiet infiltration in the academic field. Others deal with the hard-core recruitment of Hezbollah agents for the planning of terrorist attacks or

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Iranian entrenchment in Syria may trigger regional war

Iranian entrenchment in Syria is becoming a global issue. It has been raised before security decision makers in Washington and in Moscow. It is now assumed that the increased Iranian presence in Syria may be a trigger for regional war.

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The Carnage in Aleppo – Deliberate Concealment of Iran’s Major Role in the Massacre?

The collapse of the rebel forces in Aleppo came at a very heavy price. Anyone exposed to the visuals of Aleppo “before and after” (see also gulfnews) witnessed the wide spread devastation and atrocity. Foxnews, in an article titled “Iran

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