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While Iran’s economy bleeds, Tehran’s military spending is booming

It is hardly a secret that Iran’s economy has been in freefall for some time. The numbers don’t lie – The average Iranian is at least 15% worse off than they were ten years ago. Meanwhile, the value of the

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Trump’s Syria pullout – And the winner is? Iran

Last week’s announcement by President Trump, that US forces would be leaving Syria came as a surprise to pretty much everyone – Even senior members of his own administration. The story has unsurprisingly been covered far and wide across the

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Iran’s press and the international media – Spot the difference…

In the public conscience, the global media is perceived not only as a watchdog monitoring politicians, leaders and decision-makers. It is often thought of as more of a guard dog with sharp teeth, ready to pounce on any perceived misdemeanor

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If Israel offered a bloggers’ tour to the Hezbollah – Iranian Tunnels, would you join?

One of the major international stories of the past week has been the discovery of sophisticated tunnels constructed by Hezbollah, traversing underneath Lebanon’s southern border into Israel. Taking a leaf out of the Hamas playbook in Gaza, there seems little

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After Iran’s Danish plot, the media is letting Europe of the hook

Two weeks ago, just days before the US re-imposed sanctions on the Iranian oil industry, Denmark’s government made a dramatic announcement – The country’s security services had prevented Iran from carrying out the assassination of an opposition leader on Danish

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Iran’s ‘anti-terror finance’ bill – The bad joke fooling nobody

If you didn’t know any better, the headlines might be misleading. The Associated Press declared, “Iran Votes to Join Pact to Combat Terror Financing,” while Deutsche Welle’s headline was equally emphatic, “Iran’s parliament votes to combat financing of terrorism.” At

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With all eyes on the UN, the real story is back in Iran

The United Nations’ (UN) General Assembly is eagerly anticipated each year – A unique gathering at which world leaders verbally spar and exchange varied outlooks on the world. This year was no different, catching the imagination of the international media

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