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Iran’s press and the international media – Spot the difference…

In the public conscience, the global media is perceived not only as a watchdog monitoring politicians, leaders and decision-makers. It is often thought of as more of a guard dog with sharp teeth, ready to pounce on any perceived misdemeanor

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The Kurds are becoming the Tehran regime’s scapegoat

There has been one explosion in Iran grabbing international headlines recently. The attack on a military parade in the southwestern city of Ahvaz which killed 25 people has understandably filled column inches across the world. AP described it as “the

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In Iran’s economic blame game, the regime is guilty

It is hardly a secret that the Iranian economy is in freefall. And rather than alleviate the deep-seated issues at the root of the situation, Iran’s leaders prefer to exert their energies on saving their own skins. The blame game

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After Iran’s Danish plot, the media is letting Europe of the hook

Two weeks ago, just days before the US re-imposed sanctions on the Iranian oil industry, Denmark’s government made a dramatic announcement – The country’s security services had prevented Iran from carrying out the assassination of an opposition leader on Danish

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Kurdish referendum demonstrates Iranian hypocrisy on self-determination

The Kurdish referendum went forward successfully. The washingtonpost reported that the referendum enjoyed more than 70 percent turnout in Iraq, and cnn described it as an historic event. The event went forward despite vigorous Iranian and Turkish opposition. Although many

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UK Embassy Reopening in Iran a Case Of Selective Memory

The United Kingdom reopened its embassy in Iran last month in the wake of the nuclear deal struck between Tehran and the P5+1. Amid great fanfare heralding a thaw in diplomatic ties between Iran and Western powers, British Foreign Secretary

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The More Americans Know Of the Deal, The Less They Like It

The majority of Americans believe Congress should reject the nuclear deal with Iran, according to a recent CNN/ORC poll. The findings, released last week, revealed that 56 percent of Americans – up from 52 percent several weeks ago – believe

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