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Iranian NSC head Ali Shamkhani

Last week Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appointed former defense minister Ali Shamkhani as head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council. Not surprisingly, the move was greeted with media applause – but absolutely no scrutiny. Indeed, the Christian Science Monitor’s Scott

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Obama in the Middle East

Coverage about Iran in the past few days focused, naturally, on the president’s trip to the Middle East. There seemed to be a media consensus that the visit was all about red lines, but not about which ones. The build-up

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Working the Room

Backtracking a bit: It seemed to us like Iran’s official representatives and sympathizers smothered the east coast of the US, particularly, in a public opinion assault surrounding the Almaty encounter. The media generally went along with the exercise – instead

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Analyzing Argentina

Argentina’s decision to snuggle up with the Islamic Republic of Iran lacked necessary context in last week’s coverage.  Part of the blame falls on Israel for its outspoken response, which made it into pretty much every media outlet. In my

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Yousaf Butt: Scientist, Propagandist – or Both?

 Where does Yousaf Butt stand on the Iranian nuclear crisis? This is no trivial question; in fact, the answer should be key for those – including a few thoughtful journalists like Julian Borger  who relied on the article Butt co-wrote

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