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Europe’s choice – The Iranian people, or the regime that represses them

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week firmly laid down Washington’s policy on Iran. And it is an uncompromising stance. Many global media outlets, including the Wall St Journal and CNBC focused on Pompeo’s 12 demands which he outlined

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For the real story on Iran, watch Morocco

The ins and outs over the future of the Iran nuclear deal – Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – continue to dominate the headlines. Following US President Trump’s decision to abandon the agreement, the three European signatories – UK,

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Europe’s support for the JCPOA is a needless financial gamble

President Trump’s decision to remove Washington’s support for the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) hardly came as a surprise. He has made no secret of his contempt for an agreement which he branded this week a “horrible, one-sided deal.” Europe, and

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Europe stands by the JCPOA – At what price?

The very public presentation by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of what he called Iran’s secret nuclear weapons programme, has fuelled further debate over the voracity of the 2015 nuclear deal between six international powers and Iran, the Joint Comprehensive

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Macron’s charm offensive masks the real question

The global media is filled with warm images of Presidents Trump and Macron during their meeting in Washington. The two leader haves lavished praise on each other, embraced heartily and spoken enthusiastically of the special relationship between them. However, the

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Iran’s failing economy – Actually it really is rocket science

That Iran’s economy is in sharp decline is hardly a matter for debate. According to the BBC, in real terms, Iranians have become 15% poorer during the past decade. And in some parts of the country, unemployment stands at a

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Assad’s chemical butchery – Iranian complicity needs a price

The world has rightly been shocked at the appalling chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma, by President Assad’s forces. How could the international community not be horrified by the images of crying children being desperately hosed down following

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