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When the media rejects the notion of Iranian rejectionism

The fact that the future of the JCPOA nuclear deal hangs precariously in the balance, is hardly a secret. Since President Trump pulled the United States out of the agreement in May, the European signatories to the accord have been

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EU Still Delusionary Regarding Iran

The participation of European Union’s Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini at the inauguration of Iranian president Rouhani drew negative media and bloggers attention, and rightfully so. Her participation raises questions regarding the direction that Europe is choosing, and its appearance

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Does Iran Pose a Threat to the US?

Recently, several reports have dwelled on the issue of the Iranian threat posed to the US and the west. The reuters article titled “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warn US against terror designation, new sanctions” describes how a senior commander in Iran’s

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Regime change in Iran on the table again

While the US administration is “reviewing” its official policy on Iran, the issue of “regime change” in Iran or the natural demise of the Iranian regime have recently been floated in a few articles and papers. The feasibility not totally

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Iran rejects UN and western values

The UN currently counts 193 members, who presumably, at least externally, adhere to the purposes and principles of its charter. Iran, though, is a category on its own. After President Rouhani’s cabinet endorsed the UNESCO education 2030 guidelines (2030 agenda

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Iran’s Blame Game for the Attack

The double attack on Iran’s parliament and Khomeini mausoleum in Iran, killing seventeen and wounding approximately 50, was covered extensively by the media, described as the worst terrorist strike to hit the Islamic Republic in years. With the attack, began the

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Iran- Business or Principles?

The media picked up on a true dilemma facing Trump and the entire western world. The dilemma between money and ideology. In the context of the aircraft deals with Iran, foreignpolicy describes the fact that the Boeing deal with Iran

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