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Italy- Iran Ties Heat Up

In the past few months this blog has expanded its gaze at Tehran’s charm offensive toward a few potentially vulnerable states, including Italy. Why? Basically since the media doesn’t seem interested in covering such a development. Seems we hit the

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Not Doing Too Well at the UN, Actually

Iran’s media likes to make a big deal of the country’s involvement in world affairs. The western media almost never falls for it, which is why we were doubly surprised by this recent WSJ piece. Under the questionable headline “At

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Remember Argentina?

Been a while since the English-language media left the AMIA crisis for other pastures. We think a quick update is in order; with everything else happening, the danger of Iranian designs in Latin America hasn’t gone away. Perhaps the most important

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Salehi’s never ending propaganda flow

We have written about the sanctioned foreign minister of Iran, Ali Akber Salehi, and his adventures in Europe.  Despite his sophisticated propaganda campaign, some elements in the international media continue to take him seriously. Just last week, Bloomberg, normally a

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The Dark Side of Salehi

While all eyes were focused on Almaty, Iran’s slick Foreign Minister Salehi let his guard down – in German, in Vienna. The English-language media totally missed it, which is what we’re here for (and not for the first time). Salehi

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Khamenei’s Supreme Slap in the Face

It appears that the Iranian regime still does not quite understand the concept of negotiations.  You cannot demand everything you want as a precondition for starting negotiations Mr. Khamenei; then there would be nothing to talk about! Their dogmatism clearly

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Something (good) is going down in Germany

  This past week Iran’s foreign minister entered Germany with a swagger and left with his tail between his legs. We’ve decided to provide our readers with a full picture of media coverage for those who may not read both

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