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American Elections and Iran

Speculation is rising, in the media and among think tanks, regarding the possible impact of the American presidential election, on future American policy towards Iran. In the overview of the candidate positions, ballotpedia summarizes “Hillary Clinton supports the Iran nuclear deal,

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The Sentencing of Siamak and Baquer Namazi – Political Significance

The arrest, detainment and recent sentencing to ten years’ imprisonment of Iranian American Businessman Siamak Namazi and his father Baquer Namazi, have received ample coverage in the media. From cbs-news, through Reuters, Huffington Post to NY times. Yet, what is

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“House of Cards” Exploited in the Continued Cultural War Against the US and the West in Iran

A few media outlets reported the forced resignation of the cultural official, Abbas Daneshi. He was forced to resign from his position due to protests from the religious authorities of Iran for daring to hold a concert in the “holy

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The Tide of War is Rising, and Rough Seas Ahead with Iran – Calls for a More Proactive Approach

The call for a more robust and proactive approach towards Iran is being voiced loud and clear. The main question is can the politicians admit their mistakes and harken to this call? When the nuclear deal was signed, the politicians

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Re Iran – Opportunity for chess (FIDE) to be more “muscular” than Volley-ball (FIVB)!

Other than the fact that both are regarded as a type of sport, there would seem to be no common denominator between chess and volley-ball. Volley-ball entails physical effort, on a large court, usually out-doors and requires a ball. Chess

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Rezaian Suit Highlights Iranian, Western & Media Interests Alike

Media outlets reported extensively on Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s federal lawsuit filed against the Iranian government, on the accounts of hostage taking, torture and terrorism, for being unjustly imprisoned by Iran for more than eighteen months.  Among the media

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EU Politicians Vs. Public Opinion On Iran – and what it all has to do with chess

This week, politicians in the EU parliament discussed a new EU Strategy Towards Iran After The Nuclear Agreement , for renewed relations between the EU and Iran. As reported in Jewish Telegraphic Agency (eu-road-map-for-relations-with-iran-ignores-its-anti-semitism-terrorism), the strategy, or road map, compiled

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