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Iran’s failing economy – Actually it really is rocket science

That Iran’s economy is in sharp decline is hardly a matter for debate. According to the BBC, in real terms, Iranians have become 15% poorer during the past decade. And in some parts of the country, unemployment stands at a

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Assad’s chemical butchery – Iranian complicity needs a price

The world has rightly been shocked at the appalling chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma, by President Assad’s forces. How could the international community not be horrified by the images of crying children being desperately hosed down following

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Hezbollah – Germany’s blind spot. But why?

The May 12 deadline set by President Trump to “fix the terrible flaws” of the JCPOA is edging ever closer. As such, the diplomatic wheels are turning at a fast pace, in order to find a formula that both Washington

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Tehran’s ambition – Regional takeover, not regional influence

The fact that Iran has regional ambitions is no secret. Over the past few months, the likes of NBC and the Guardian are among those to have honed in on Tehran’s rivalry with Saudi Arabia. In fact, Iran readily admits

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Iran and North Korea – Time to Connect the Dots

The surprising news that President Trump is planning to meet Kim Jong Un has brought North Korea’s nuclear capability and military ambitions sharply into focus. The prospect of a meeting between two adversaries, who so recently were mired in trading

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Iran puts the world on 48-hour nuclear notice. The media doesn’t blink.

Should any national official threaten to develop weapons-grade uranium within 48 hours, if their country fails to get their way, you would expect the world to sit up and take notice. Curiously, this was not the case when Behrouz Kamalvandi,

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Question the regime, not the hijab

In recent weeks, the world’s media has quite rightly shone a light on something quite incredible happening in Iran. In an apparently spontaneous display of dissent, women have openly discarded the hijab head covering, which they have been obliged to

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