About The Blog

Aware of the insurmountable volume of media traffic on the Iranian crisis, we strive to keep abreast and present our readers with regular updates on major developments and aberrations in media reportage and analysis

Our goal is to ensure media responsibility and accountability in reflecting this challenge to the preservation of global peace and security

While we are supportive of international coercive diplomacy efforts, as anchored in the Security Council and IAEA resolutions, we are neither “left” nor “right”. Our focus is on media accuracy and thoroughness in all aspects of the Iranian crisis: WMD proliferation, subversion, and human rights

8 comments on “About The Blog
  1. Bonnie says:

    What I dont undertand about your Iran is the Hypocrisy. If you have different views then the Ayatolah or the state then you have sinned against GOD !!! Is the Isalmic religion in Iran diffrent from all the other Arab states. Is Iran that pure and impeccable

    • Matt Nicodemus says:

      Dear Madam/Sir,

      Before I subscribe to your blog, I’d like to know more about who you, the blogger, are.  I may have missed seeing it, but I can’t find even your name, let alone any other background information about you, anywhere on the site.  Thank you for responding to my request!

      Matt Nicodemus

  2. Bob says:

    Yes Islam is primitive nonsense and Muslims and all other immigrants don’t belong in Europe/Canada/USA/Australia, but supporting Israel (a state founded by colonization from non-Middle Eastern Jewish immigrants) is not the way to go.

    Keep out immigrants, use our taxpayers money for ourselves, and leave the Middle Eastern religious freaks (Jews and Muslims) alone, Israel doesn’t need any more money and the US weakening Israel’s enemies (which does nothing but align the Islamic World against us)

  3. Your characterization of me as ‘sanctions’ detractor’ based on an article published recently in Commentary Magazine is unfair. My point was surely that Iran is finding ways to evade sanctions successfully and that we should not just worry about adding sanctions, but also making the existing ones work. I would appreciate if you amended your comments to reflect the substance of my piece.

    • Emanuele Ottolenghi, thanks for your comment – we certainly see your point. but coercive diplomacy requires constant movement forward – just as the Iranians continue forward – together with the hermetic implementation you rightly insist on.

  4. nikto says:

    ‘About The Blog,’ so far so good. And who are you? On what account should a reader trust you without full disclosure?

    • We made a conscious decision to remain anonymous especially in view of the lack of bipartisanship on Iran in the public debate. Our goal is to focus the reader on the substance of the issue, without prejudice, and believe that anonymity will contribute to this goal

  5. Dom says:

    looking at yr blog, looking for media neutrality, neither here nor their, your agenda is neutrality and reporting ‘facts’, would it be fair to suggest the agenda is to strip away propaganda and lies..?

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