Creation of a wide un-united front against Iran?

Only recently we devoted a column to the Swedish bowing and curtsying to Iran, which we called betrayal of western values – bowing to Iranian gender discrimination. Turned out that despite all the Swedish kowtowing, they still got the cold shower and cold shoulder from Iran. Due to the fact that Sweden dared to support a UN draft resolution on human rights in Iran, as reported on  presstv, Iran, without hesitation, accused Sweden, its’ great pal from a week ago, of participating in a US-Israeli conspiracy, promoting Iranophobia.  At the time of the visit, even the supreme leader’s tweet tweeted out favorable things about Sweden, stating that “Sweden has a good reputation in Iran & this positive view sets proper grounds for expansion of ties”.  The “good reputation” and “proper grounds” were good for less than a month, till the moment that Sweden dare join any criticism of Iran’s human rights situation. Friendships and alliances are all on condition – that you belong to the choir. A blogger in Italian, referring to this in his blog nopasdaran2, concluded that the Islamic Republic cannot hide its intolerant and fundamentalist nature.

A diplomatic row erupted recently also between Turkey and Iran. Reuters attributed the commotion to a sentence or two made by Turkish foreign minister Cavusoglu at the Munich security conference. After his official speech, in the questions and answers session, he ventured to say that “Iran’s sectarian policy is undermining the stability of the region, in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, and Iran wants to turn Syria and Iraq into two Shii’a states”. The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded by accusing Turkey of supporting terrorism and stating, in relation to Turkey, that “we will be patient with their positions but there is a certain cap for our patience”.  Further accusations and insults were flung at each other, as can be seen in the Turkish MFA statement. We should not forget that although Turkey and Iran are both oppose ISIS, they are on opposing sides in Syria, in relation to future strategy.

The Munich Security Conference revealed a wide range of states, all talking the same diplomatic language, against Iran. Even though the states don’t always have diplomatic relations, and have diverse reasons, they still found themselves on the same page, in relation to Iran. The reuters article enumerated a few, among them Saudi Arabia, six members of the GCC, Turkey and Israel.

In conclusion, the fear of Iran seems to be creating a front. Whoever the fear doesn’t catch, it would seem that Iranian intolerance will push in the same direction (see Sweden).  Perhaps we are seeing the creation of a wide un-united front. All sitting on the same side, for many diverse reasons.

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