Released from the EU Constraints – May Free to Speak about Iran

It is quite amazing to see former EU leaders speak about Iran once they are released from the EU constraints.

In a speech in Philadelphia, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, warns of Iran’s “malign influence in the Middle East”. In the independent report she is quoted forewarning of “Iran’s aggressive efforts to increase its arc of influence from Tehran through to the Mediterranean”. Relating to the nuclear deal she called for rigorous policing and stated that any breached should be dealt with “firmly and immediately”. Wow.

Prime Minister May did not have to wait long for Iran to reinforce her statements about “aggressive efforts” and violations, with two new acts of aggression and violation.

This week Iran’s proxy Houthi group killed two Saudi sailors when it shot at a Saudi frigate. Footage of this attack could be seen on youtube, and a few media outlets covered this (see for instance businessinsider and foxnews).

In addition, Iran launch this week a new ballistic missile test (see dailymail  and nypost), in full violation of UN call to refrain from such activity. Iran thereby posed a new challenge to the Trump administration and European community.

So, while May warns of Iranian malign influence and aggressive efforts, and Trump re-thinks policy towards Iran, and while Iran shoots at foreign frigates and launches ballistic missile tests, the French Foreign Minister visits Iran in order to reaffirm Europe’s commitment to the nuclear deal. As reuters rightfully points out, from taking one of the hardest lines in the negotiations, France has been one of the quickest in restoring trade ties. A French diplomatic source is even quoted giving excuses for Iran and throwing blame on newly elected Trump, stating “that the Iranians have been destabilized by Trump’s election and statements is certain and I think they must be worried”.

So now we understand! Trump’s election is to be blamed for continuing Iranian aggressive behavior and ballistic violations. We can only assume that Trump is also to blame for the massive executions in Iran and gross violations of human rights in Iran.

The French continue with their failed talking points, justifying their commercial ties and financial interests by “strengthening the moderates”. The French source is quoted saying “but developing commercial ties strengthens the moderates in Iran”.

All indications show clearly that since the nuclear deal, Iran has increased its aggressive efforts and defiant attitude. Even Iran itself boasts this outwardly, as was seen in mehrnews. Moreover, the wsj reports that Rouhani is losing ground to the hardliners.

The foreignaffairs paper titled “Iran’s axis of Resistance Rises” from January 24 reinforces this, the actions of Iran prove it to be correct, and the players out of the EU see it clearly. Obviously, one must be released from the interests and constraints of the EU in order to see things plainly.

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