Iran Against Intervention in Internal Affairs of Other countries

As reported on Iranian PressTV, the President of Iran Rouhani recently preached against “Foreign Intervention” in the internal affairs of other countries. He stressed that this warning is based on international principles and that Iran regards such intervention as “very dangerous”.

Somehow, Rouhani, the moderate “loved one” in the international community, forgot that Iran is heavily and openly involved in military and subversive activity in at least four countries – Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

The Media Express carried this month an article entitled Yemeni government calls for end to Iranian involvement in country while fragile ceasefire continues.

The NY times carried an article by Saad Hariri (the son of murdered Rafik Hariri), titled “Iran must stop meddling in Arab affairs“. Hariri highlights the fact that Hezbollah operatives, who act on behalf of Iran, were identified as collaborators in the assassination of his father.  He goes on to state: “We Lebanese are all too familiar with the violence, discord, sectarian hatred, brutality and terrorism that Iran and its allies inflict on other countries. Iran has been the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism since the late 1970s”.

Regarding Iraq he reveals: “In Iraq, Iran has promoted and funded brutal proxy militias that have spread sectarian hate in the country and are now undermining efforts to defeat the Islamic State”. Many articles discuss Iran’s meddling in Iraq, like the one published in understandingwar.

Regarding Syria he claims: “In Syria, the disaster that has befallen its’ people began when Iran and its allies intervened to prop up the brutal dictatorship of Mr. Assad against a popular, and originally nonviolent and nonsectarian, pro-democracy uprising”. Even Iranian PressTV felt the need to disclaim the Arab League accusation of Iranian meddling in Syria.

Regarding Yemen he attributes the tragedy once again to Iran, saying: “The tragedy in Yemen, too, began when the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel militia began its battle against its own people in a coup condemned by the United Nations Security Council. They did this simply to menace and threaten the stability of Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf Arab states”.

He summarizes: “Iran wants to expand its influence in the Middle East by sowing discord, promoting terrorism and sectarian hatred, and destabilizing the region through proxies, while pretending to be bystanders”.

Rouhani stated that intervention in internal affairs of other countries is “dangerous”. So right he is. The intervention of Iran has proved itself to be extremely dangerous for Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and regional stability.  Media outlets do pick up on the Iranian meddling, but seem to overlook the Iranian hypocrisy.


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