EU Politicians Vs. Public Opinion On Iran – and what it all has to do with chess

This week, politicians in the EU parliament discussed a new EU Strategy Towards Iran After The Nuclear Agreement , for renewed relations between the EU and Iran. As reported in Jewish Telegraphic Agency (eu-road-map-for-relations-with-iran-ignores-its-anti-semitism-terrorism), the strategy, or road map, compiled by Richard Howitt, a member of the EU legislative arm for Britain’s Labor Party, calls for promoting the relations, while conveniently overlooking gross human rights violations, subversive activity, terrorism, anti-Semitism and other sweet things. Politics at its best.

The renewed strategy is an obvious attempt to dissolve and dilute previous resolutions, like this one, which clearly conditions future relations on specific items like Human Rights, satisfactory implementation of the JPoA and even regional behavior. See for instance paragraph 4: “more constructive relations with Iran are contingent on progress in the full implementation of Iran’s commitments under the Joint Plan of Action; hopes that the progress in the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action and in the negotiations for the Geneva agreement will pave the way for more constructive relations between the EU and Iran, including as regards issues of regional concern such as the civil war in Syria and the fight against all forms of terrorism and its causes, but also in areas such as economic development, trade agreements, the rule of law and the promotion of human rights”.

While the EU politicians prepared the draft for debate in the EU parliament, other things happened.

The Secretary General of the UN addressed the general assembly and in his statement related to the  deteriorating human rights situation in Iran. ; protesters demonstrated against Rouhani during the UN-GA in the streets of New York ; And as reported in the Washington Post  the US chess champion, Nazi Pakidze announced she would boycott the international chess tournament to take place in Iran. She explained: “I think it’s unacceptable to host a WOMEN’S World Championship in a place where women do not have basic fundamental rights and are treated as second-class citizens”.

It seems that fundamentals obvious to people on the street, self-evident to public opinion, are not clear to EU politicians.

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