As the West Fears ISIS, Iran follows its own plan of action

Mere months after a historic nuclear deal was signed between Iran and the P5+1, some worry that the threat of ISIS could be causing Washington to lose focus on Iran – which, rather than implementing the nuclear deal, is busy reinterpreting away.

Granted that ISIS poses a threat, some voices are wondering if the West has not shifted its attention away from Iran – at the crucial juncture of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), as the nuclear deal is called, when it is time to  ensure that Iran abides by its commitments and obligations. Hawks and liberals alike have warned that the Iranian regime poses a greater threat than ISIS, as published also in The Guardian.

The Washington Post published an article by Karoun Demirjian suggesting that “Washington is all but singularly focused on how to combat and protect the country from the Islamic State” – while some Democrats say the Obama administration “should be paying more attention to Iran” and its various attempts to push the limits of the restrictions placed on it (not to mention flout them outright).

The outbreak of bipartisan concern and “acute worry” was prompted by Iran’s decision to test a new precision-guided ballistic missile in November, with Washington’s “cautious” response. The test was branded by The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal as a violation of sanctions, cooling hopes of Iranian compliance – even among those who initially backed the nuclear deal, such as US Democrats, who now fear allowing Iran to get away with small violations could “establish a bad precedent.” Foreign Affairs similarly voiced concern, expressing unease at the prospect of underestimating of Iran’s ability to pose a danger to other states – not unlike ISIS.

While FrontPage expressed worry regarding “turning a blind eye” to the “vital issue” of Iran’s aggravations and infractions, while attempting to lift sanctions, the Gatestone Institute wrote that the P5+1 should be “embarrassed” to realize that Iran has its “own comprehensive plan of action,” seemingly entailing “developing nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and related systems.” In that vein, perhaps more media outlets should be asking if Iran is not only reinterpreting the nuclear deal, but also following a “plan of action” of its own.

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One comment on “As the West Fears ISIS, Iran follows its own plan of action
  1. […] outlets, originally, exercised caution and hesitation in calling the October and November tests a clear-cut breach. The headline in The New York Times […]

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