Press Pores Over Nuclear Accord – Even In Iran

The reality of the nuclear deal with Iran is sinking in as it receives international recognition (from the UN first and foremost). But along with this recognition has come intense scrutiny – and sometime criticism – from media outlets which have set out to tell their readers just what the deal actually means.

In recent days, several leading news sites have undertaken in-depth analyses of the deal and its implications. On The Wall Street Journal, David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey took a closer look at the legal foundations of the deal, concluding it has “lawless underpinnings” both in a US constitutional and international regard; also on WSJ, Jay Solomon deduced that under the deal, Tehran would never have to disclose alleged past efforts to build a nuclear bomb; on The Atlantic, Leon Wieseltier warned that US President Barack Obama’s “zeal for newness and rupture” may have “blinded” him to “enduring enmities”; over at the LA Times, diplomat John Bolton was adamant that the final-status accord will not only fail to “prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” but will make “preemptive military action … inescapable”; and on US News, Robert Satloff opined that analysis of the deal should begin “by recalling how far we have come from the original intent of sanctions and US diplomacy” – beginning with the objective of ending Iran’s nuclear program, and ending with merely delaying it.

In Iran, meanwhile, reports leaked this week alleging that the government had secretly banned media outlets from publishing any criticism of the deal; and yet, there was no shortage of criticism of the deal in Iran this week, particularly from hardline quarters, including senior clerics. Conservative newspaper Kayhan, meanwhile, managed to publish several articles – including a cover story – that were harshly critical of the deal, even citing a representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei saying it was a “scam.” So with the deal now under intense scrutiny and debate in both Washington and Tehran (despite Iran reported attempts to stifle it), it remains to be seen how it will hold up…

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One comment on “Press Pores Over Nuclear Accord – Even In Iran
  1. […] attention has been devoted in the English-language press in recent weeks to the Western debate – exuberant support, staunch opposition, and everything in between – about the nuclear deal […]

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