Iranian ‘Resistance’ To West Also Takes Form Of Executing Women

Iran hanged Reyhaneh Jabbari this week, destroying all previous hope that she might be spared. The 26-year-old, who was convicted for killing a man she said had tried to rape her, was executed at the gallows of Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison at the crack of dawn on Saturday.

One aspect of Iran’s decision to hang Jabbari, who was on death row for five years, stood out in foreign reports on her tragic fate: the fact that by her execution, Tehran had flagrantly “defied” a Western campaign and paid no mind to Western opposition to it.

In fact, variations on the words “defiance” and “resistance” appeared time and again in headlines and articles published on major news outlets about the execution. “International pressure,” “international pleas” and “international opposition” appeared to be key phrases as well, highlighting the fact that by sending the young woman to the gallows, Iran was showing the West how little influence it had over the corridors of power in Tehran – at least when it comes to human rights; sure, the West can beg and plead, but Iran won’t necessarily listen.

The official Iranian report on the hanging, which was carried by IRNA, was much more matter-of-fact, stating the details of the case and asserting that Jabbari was guilty of premeditated murder rather than killing in self-defense, as she had claimed.

Some English-language outlets also cast doubt on Jabbari’s side of the story, placing her claim of attempted rape in quotation marks. But the lack of all international standards in the judiciary system of Iran prevents revelation of objective truth. Amnesty International – the initiator of the campaign to save the woman’s life – said only, “Iran hanged Reyhaneh Jabbari in Tehran this morning. She was 26.”

Another “miscarriage of justice” in the Islamic Republic, which has already hit the 600-execution mark this year despite keeping itself occupied with nuclear matters. Who really cares, while the world focuses on ISIS and the success of the nuclear talks?

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4 comments on “Iranian ‘Resistance’ To West Also Takes Form Of Executing Women
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