Iran’s Contradictory roles in Terror

We’ve reported plenty of times in the past about Iran’s “long tentacles” when it comes to terror – its hand in other regional conflicts, its proliferation of terror and its selective definition of and attempts to redefine terrorism.

Now, we check in with the media once again to see how it is faring on coverage of Iran’s contradictory role in the West’s “war on terror”: proliferator on the one hand, ally and partner on the other.

With the Islamic State group spreading terror in the hearts of many a Westerner, particularly in light of the gruesome and graphic footage of journalist James Foley’s beheading, media reports from Washington to London to Rome are increasingly focusing on the role Iran can play in countering the growing threat (although one British reporter, Islamic convert Yvonne Ridley, suggested Iran itself is behind ISIS).

And yet, quite perplexingly, these reports for the most part neglect to mention Iran’s support of Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups (apparently, the commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force has a whopping five favorites), as well as its operatives around the globe and political machinations in Iraq, possibly in collaboration with the US.

One exception is a recent op-ed in Today’s Zaman suggesting the US should be wary of upsetting the equilibrium in the Middle East by facilitating Iranian expansionism. Another is The Daily Beast, which recently catalogued the Palestinian terror groups supported by Iran, detailing their positions and activities and warning that Gaza presents another chance for Tehran to extend its influence.

Iran is hardly hiding the signs of its hypocrisy on terror. But when will more media outlets see them for the warning signs that they are?

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2 comments on “Iran’s Contradictory roles in Terror
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  2. […] yet, we already know that Iran does not define terrorism in the same way as the international community – selectively discerning, as it does, between […]

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