Nuclear Limbo – Is Iran Stalling for Time?

The nuclear negotiations between Iran and the six world powers are plodding along, with Iran showing compliance with its commitments to the West, but warning that a final deal is unlikely to be reached by the November deadline.

It would seem that from a political standpoint, Iran is content to see the talks stretch on – hard-won concession by concession – while still developing its nuclear program to some extent. But for financial purposes, as Bloomberg reports, Tehran is behaving as if a final-status deal has already been inked, luring investors in with the promise of an end to sanctions.

What’s in it for Iran, then? Does it want the talks to stretch on unresolved? Is it playing for time? According to an op-ed by Kasra Nejat in the Columbia Daily Tribune, its extremists want to proceed with its nuclear program – and, of course, continue its rule over Iran – unimpeded, a goal Nejat says the West has so far aided it in achieving, by sitting at the table while ignoring its soaring execution rate and other human rights abuses. A new campaign recreating the controversial Daisy Girl ad had the same idea, going so far as to create a petition to pressure the US government to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Meanwhile, Iran has pushed the ball into the West’s court, saying a final-status deal depends on its “goodwill” – or rather, willingness to entertain Iran’s refusal to accept “nuclear restraints.” And in Tehran, Rouhani and his opponents – those he bid “go to hell, cowards” as Iran received more frozen funds – remain, in the words of Al-Arabiya’s Camella Entekhabi-Fard, locked in limbo, waiting to see what November will bring.

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