The Jews and the Jinns in Iran: A Ramadan Special

It’s Ramadan, folks. That time of year when Iranians fast during the day, eat at night, then tune into their TV sets to watch special holiday programs… about Jewish sorcery. Wait, what?

That’s right: apparently, Iran’s state-run channel deems shows about Jewish witchcraft and other conspiracies to be appropriate holiday programming.

It was the US Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that alerted the world to this latest bizarre story out of Iran. It reported that the country’s broadcasting authority, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), had filled up its prime-time Ramadan slots with, in a nutshell, “interviews and documentaries promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of Jewish control over Hollywood and a nefarious Jewish-Zionist plan to use sorcery against Iran.”

jews & jinns

According to one professor and Islamic scholar interviewed on one of the shows, the Jews use magic and jinns, or demons, to spy on Iran on behalf of Iran. “Jews have a very strong connection with jinns,” he said authoritatively, adding that most Jews are “sorcerers.”

Another program claimed Jews and Zionists came to control Hollywood by exploiting the Holocaust, using scenes from Schindler’s List to prove its point.

However, all this went largely unreported in the Western media. The only major news outlet to pick up the story was Germany’s Algemeiner, which used the ADL’s report nearly verbatim in its article on IRIB’s way of spreading the holiday cheer.

So as Iranian families end the day’s fast learning all about the spells the Jews can cast on them, most Western readers remain blissfully unaware of the spy-demons used by Holocaust-exploiting sorcerers among them – nor of the type of content that is being broadcast to the public on prime-time television in the country with which their governments are currently negotiating.

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One comment on “The Jews and the Jinns in Iran: A Ramadan Special
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