Iran Walls Crumbling in EU?

Piece by piece, in several languages and without attracting too much attention, the media is revealing a diminishing EU resolve on the Iranian nuclear crisis and sanctions.

On the sidelines of the Geneva talks, top EU officials could be heard expressing cautious optimism regarding Iran’s intentions. Below the surface, however, European officials and influentials apparently can wait no longer for a return to business as usual with Tehran.

Thanks to a tweet by Jeffrey Goldberg, we stumbled upon what appears to be Iran’s most significant charm offensive event to date in this context. Turns out that the Iranian Embassy joined forces this week in Bucharest with a local think tank to host a two-day conference on “EU and the Middle East – Iranian Viewpoints.” This event featured a couple of Iranian officials flown in from Tehran (and the local Iranian ambassador), who naturally included trade opportunities in their brief.

Meanwhile, two French parliamentarians visited Tehran this week and provided a propaganda opportunity for the Iranian press. This occurred on the heels of a similar visit days earlier by several European Parliament (EP) members, including Hannes Swoboda from Austria, who reportedly called for sanctions against Iran to be lifted.

That’s not all. Head of the EP’s Iran delegation Tarja Cronberg, from Finland, said the EU should open a diplomatic mission in Iran (Cronberg’s apparently planning an official delegation visit to Iran in December).

Then there’s a document issued this week by a supposedly reputable European think tank, the ECFR, calling for “easing the EU’s unilateral banking sanctions and providing Iran with access to the European market” (which particularly excited the Iranian press).

Something’s not right here. Thanks to an alert media, our readers may be learning about these EU developments even before Lady Ashton’s office. To be continued…

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6 comments on “Iran Walls Crumbling in EU?
  1. Dinosaur says:

    Go ahead, fall for it based upon financial reasons only. Iran is and never has been up to any good. We supported the Shah for some reason and that came back to bite us. Now their new “leader” says he wants to assure the world they want peace and no nuclear weapons. I truly believe we should watch them like North Korea and prepared for whatever stunt they pull. Getting out of our dependence upon Mid East oil and getting our troops out so the warring factions can go back to eradicating each other as they have for the past several hundred years.

    • Frenchfarmer says:

      What part of the world order do you work for?
      I’ve been in and out of Iran several times in the seventies and it was a polite smiling nation that was better off with the Shah.
      The only real problems Iran has are Royal Dutch Shell and Western Governments run by similar Corporations who instigate radical muslim movements vie Saudi Arabia etc. .

  2. mike burns says:

    Iran is the oldest continual civilisation on the planet, whereas Dinosaur represents the kind of garbage culture promoted by the Sun and the Daily Mail

  3. I agree with Mike Burns that Iran dates back to pre-medievil times, but they were invaded by the Mongols, many of which settled there, and had influence on the culture, Iran is still a country that has a primitive view on crime and punishment, eg: Stoning, and amputations are still practised, which are abhorrent to any civilised society

  4. JayTQue says:

    The danger comes from those who govern Iran. Islamist have promised to obliterate Israel. Why do you think Iran wants the ‘bomb’ ? – to carry out this threat. But, before they can complete the bomb, Israel will strike. Where do you think we will end up if there is an atomic holocaust in the Middle East ?

  5. raf says:

    the jews keep on winding the western world into invading which ever country does not play t their tune. yesterday its was iraq, today they want iran. no surprises there. until the world wakes up.

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