Amanpour’s Iran Mystery

Ever notice CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour’s obsession with interviewing Iranian officials? We first addressed this question a year ago; time to revisit the issue.

We don’t take issue with her interviewing Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, unlike her defending his watered-down Holocaust denial response. But we were somewhat perplexed when she gave the platform last week to Majlis speaker and former nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

Amanpour tracked Larijani down while he was attending an international parliamentary conference in Geneva. Judging by CNN‘s headline – “Iran: ‘we are ready’ for a deal” – viewers might have reached the conclusion that he’s another Tehran peacenik.

Au contraire; he wasn’t such a pussycat when warning that the United States shouldn’t “sabotage” the nuclear talks if it sought normalization. Or in telling his Swiss counterpart “we expect you to prevent the spread of terrorism” in Syria.

Larijani’s concern for Syria is ironic: he’s met numerous times with President Bashar Al-Assad, and Tehran of course still backs Assad’s regime.

His desire to fight terrorism is no less intriguing: Larijani hasn’t shied away from meetings with the likes of Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah and the Islamic Jihad’s Ramadan Shalah. Furthermore, the Iranian’s chief adviser Mohammad Jafari Sahraroodi – who accompanied him to Geneva – is a known terrorist responsible for the assassination of a Kurdish leader.

Ah, so much to say about Larijani: such as when he denied the Holocaust at the 2009 Munich Security Conference; or when, the same year, he accused CNN of giving money and cellular phones to post-2009 elections protesters “to portray a wrong image of Iran”; or when, in 2011, he said Iran should rethink its cooperation with the “unprofessional” International Atomic Energy Agency.

But why bother Amanpour with such trivialities? She’s got Tuesday’s Geneva nuclear talks to advance. Stay tuned…

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5 comments on “Amanpour’s Iran Mystery
  1. chris keane says:

    its better than the american response to news reporting which is to bomb news stations like aljazeera,imbed reporters in war zones to prevent journalistic investigations of war crimes,and generally prevent freedom of any opinion they dont agree with,and now their puppy the brit establishment is putting even more draconian press constraints in place under the levenson inquisition,welcome to orwell country,i watch aljazeera and,rt when i want to know whats happening in the world,not the puerile pap that passes for world reporteage we get nowdays,football, sport,,royalty,etc etc,when the world is falling apart,no more panorama,world in action,nothing except dross.

  2. CM says:

    She’s from Iran and a convert – that explains it.

  3. Wil Klein says:

    Amanpour has a much clearer global perspective than the whiny author of this blog entry. Interviewing all these Iranian government officials does not in the least way implicate that she is on their sides. She simply recognizes that current affairs require compromise, meaning that everyone (everyone includes the Iranian government) needs a voice, in diplomacy and in the mainstream news media. I’m very grateful for Amanpour, most other American news sources are the typical imperialistic “Iran is an axis of evil” blah blah blah. And have you ever heard her interviews? She doesn’t take any fluff/b.s. from anybody. I’d rather base my own judgement of Iran on what Amanpour professionally investigates rather than on typical Fox News rumors. There are many people in the US and across the West who deny the Holocaust, or politicians who spit out the wildest theories. Why don’t you whine about that too? That sort of thing, regardless what country it comes from, should not determine how we judge countries who are trying to conduct professional diplomacy.

  4. Kayani says:

    Until now the west has seen Iran with Israeli eyes. And now some western officialdom is learning that Israeli eyes just see Israel and nothing else. Israel itself a nuclear power, wants to stay alone in the Middle East. Is there any bigger bigotry that that? West’s double standard ? Israel has no right to criticise Irans nuclear programme , while they have their own.

  5. Wil, you are totally correct. Because she is an Iranian,(on her father’s side) is exactly why her reporting has creditabilty..or perhaps we should be listening to Mendenzez ‘s culturally impotent rants.?

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