Rushing Nuclear Deal at UNGA, Forgetting something…

It’s that time again:  the UN General Assembly is set to open on September 24, but already the media (and Rouhani’s tweeter account) are ablaze with updates.

The session and its margins are expected to be filled with eagerly awaited speeches, including by President Obama and Rouhani on the same day; a  P5+1 meeting; bilaterals – perhaps including an “accidental” encounter between US Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif; and maybe even the beginnings of an agreement to end the decade-long nuclear crisis.

Then again, maybe not – after all, the devil is always in the details:

Detail #1: Rouhani reiterated that Iran isn’t about to make concessions.

Detail #2: Rouhani has limited the timetable for a solution.

Detail #3:  Iran’s idea of concessions is limiting centrifuges, accepting more intrusive IAEA activities, and signing the Additional Protocol– which they already did in 2003, only to renege.

Detail #4: Iran’s already exaggerating about its nuclear CBMs.

Detail #5: Rouhani says Iran is committed to cooperation with the IAEA, but still hasn’t  done so when it comes inter alia to Arak and signing of the modified 3.1 protocol.

Detail #6: Russia has resumed its role as the patron of Iran and its allies, just as it continues to block the work of the UN Security Council Panel of Experts on Iran.

Detail #7: While Iran claims the Syrian crisis proves that force is ineffective, the US believes the opposite is the case.

But all this shouldn’t concern the journalists who’ll be covering the Big Apple event: even if no nuclear deal is reached, at least they can attend two fascinating Iranian cultural exhibitions in town. Enjoy.

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5 comments on “Rushing Nuclear Deal at UNGA, Forgetting something…
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  4. jack says:

    To rip the middle east out of nuclear weapons or nuclear activities you must start with the one that posses the weapons of mas destruction and that is Israel.

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