Italy- Iran Ties Heat Up

In the past few months this blog has expanded its gaze at Tehran’s charm offensive toward a few potentially vulnerable states, including Italy.

Why? Basically since the media doesn’t seem interested in covering such a development.

Seems we hit the mark: Lo and behold, Rome’s Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli broke with a western norm enforced for years and landed in Tehran in the past week to advance political and economic ties – even as the centrifuges continue to spin.

Indeed, Pistelli made the rounds, meeting with Foreign Minister Salehi (Farsi); Rouhani’s chief-of-staff Mohammad Nahavandian, no stranger to his country’s charm offensive (in May we caught him in Hamburg); as well as Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the outspoken head of the Majlis defense and foreign affairs committee.

Just before the visit, Italy’s Foreign Minister Emma Bonino announced that Italy is “thinking about some initiative without breaking a covenant” – a euphemism for courting Tehran in light of Iran’s recent elections. So far we haven’t seen any media outlet uncover a link between Bonino’s remark and the Pistelli visit (we find this report about the signing of a joint memorandum of understanding on Afghanistan unsatisfying).

It doesn’t end there. In another development, Tehran’s new ambassador to the Vatican, Mohammad Taher Rabbani, is already busy promoting inter-religious dialogues and is preparing the groundwork for an October 2014 conference in Tehran.

Finally, a word about this recent tourism book on Iran recently published in Italian: its author, Hamid Masoumi Nejad, happens to be a senior correspondent for the EU-sanctioned Iranian broadcasting authority (IRIB) in Rome for well over a decade.

Anyone in Brussels paying attention – or are they all on vacance?

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One comment on “Italy- Iran Ties Heat Up
  1. william says:

    This is a good development, as it is necessary to engage with Iran to address any number of issues, ranging from the civil war in Syria, to the growing instability of Iraq, to global energy issues, to the conflict which has developed over Iran’s almost half century quest for nuclear weapons. In the Middle East, Iran is the logical strategic partner of Israel tomorrow, as it was yesterday

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