Iran Still in Latin America

This blog has made a consistent effort to keep readers abreast of reportage concerning Iran-Argentina relations. While the AMIA issue is critical, of course, Tehran’s designs throughout Latin America should remain front and center.
Rouhani’s election has not changed that.
In this context, it is unfortunate that media coverage of the issue reawakens mostly due to periodical (and welcomed) actions by the US Congress. But alas, this being the reality we’ll go with the flow by accentuating this recent article by the Miami Herald‘s Andres Oppenheimer – one of several updating about a recent exchange of letters between senators and the US State Department following the latter’s June report determining that Iranian influence in Latin America is “waning.”
Oppenheimer’s report points out one particularly interesting example of Iran’s “waning” influence: the continued broadcasts in Puerto Rico of Iran’s Spanish-language channel Hispan TV, which belongs to the US-sanctioned Iranian broadcasting authority (IRIB). He has already emphasized in a previous report the anti-western, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian venom the channel spews out on a regular basis.
The jury’s still out as to whether Rouhani will continue Ahmadinejad’s strategy of providing political and economic cover for Tehran to advance its strategic goals south of the border. In lieu of a revised US State Department report, all readers have to go on are Rouhani’s pledges to this end to counterparts from Venezuela and Cuba.
Worth following.
For good measure, we’ll conclude with a word about Argentina. After all the fanfare, turns out that Iran has no intention of formally updating Buenos Aires concerning
ratification of the AMIA memorandum of understanding.
Indeed, why should it? Tehran’s already achieved what it sought, including fueling the delegitimization campaign against prosecutor Alberto Nisman.
Don’t believe us? Just ask head of the DC-based, pro-Iran lobby Trita Parsi….

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6 comments on “Iran Still in Latin America
  1. Fhuh Kew says:

    Nonsense. Then anti anti part I can dig. NOBODY likes those slimeballz. Anti Christian attitude in Latin America ? You think the ragheads know how to behead ya oughta see a Latino in action with a machete. I’ve seen kindergarten kids using a machete so well it’d make Bruce Lee shiver in fear !

  2. Piipa says:

    Yeah, this is cool, I have always loved Iran. It is a country that has a lot in common with Latin American countries. For example it has sufered the USA aggression like all of the Latin American countries and it has not given up. Latin America has a lot to learn from our Iranian counterparts otherwise, we will continue under the USA ‘s aggressive foreign policies. Bravo

  3. It is disgraceful that the US Govt. allows the spreading of pro-Iranian propaganda through a US-based radio station. Such incompetence demands that heads roll. The current Iranian Govt. is a declared enemy of US and Western values, and their aim is to eventually lead the Jihad against us. Allowing them to further those aims is downright an act of treason, not to say sheer imbecility. If only to remove whoever idiot has allowed this from our gene pool, this faulty supervision of US Airwaves should be punished to its maximum consequences. Incredible as it may sound, this has been going on unimpeded for more than a year!

  4. I’m more interested in the WOLFOWITZ “New World Order ” and GW Bush’s Project for a New American Century …….. I have a gut feeling that the USA has failed to implement them correctly and that BEIJING has run off with the TROPHIES ,,,

  5. […] Nisman’s urgent warnings” on Iran, particularly the “Iranian terror networks which he found extended way beyond Argentina — and in some cases all the way to the US;” Rosen, meanwhile, put the spotlight on what Iran […]

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