The Day Mousavian’s Been Waiting For

Seyed Houssein Mousavian is ecstatic these days. His mentor, Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rouhani, is back in the spotlight – and after months of sheer boredom (we can barely remember the last time we wrote about him), Mousavian’s loved again.

He’s all over the place again: here writing a NYT op-ed, there giving a quote– and renewed twitter excitement in between. What bliss.

(The NYT really went overboard this time with editorials and op-eds heralding a new age, but we’ll leave that for now.)

Losing all sense of objectivity, the media/punditry repeatedly failed to differentiate between the role they sought to attribute to Mousavian (commentator/intermediary), and his actual role– representative of the Khatami-Rouhani school of the smiley and wily.

Before he assumed the position of regime advocate in the US in 2010, Mousavian had already proved his worth as negotiator and senior diplomat. Together with Rouhani from 2003-2005, he worked tirelessly – as he clearly wrote in his 2012 memoirs – to “diminish international community opposition to an Iranian nuclear program” and to “pursue a long-term strategy of turning threats into opportunities.”

As a diplomat, Mousavian had the dubious distinction of serving as Iran’s ambassador to Germany during the infamous 1992 Mykonos assassinations of anti-regime dissidents in Berlin, vehemently defending his government in the case. Coincidentally or not, Rouhani was already filling a key position in Iran’s National Security Council at the time and has also been connected with the Mykonos case (he’s been tied to the AMIA killings, too, like other Iranian officials implicated in Mykonos).

No wonder they get along so well.

Rumor has it that Mousavian’s about to return to Iran. Guess his media groupies will just have to curry favor with some other regime exile.

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2 comments on “The Day Mousavian’s Been Waiting For
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