The Candidate Info Gaps

Several ambitious news services took the initiative and prepared guides to the clueless about Iran’s election candidates. We’re curious to see who was thorough, and who brought to light new information and who dropped the ball.


Foreign Policy

Probably the best of the lot, with some little-known information – like this:

But you have to give Jalili credit for his optimistic lemons-into-lemonade attitude. “At least over the past few years when I have been carefully following the effects of sanctions, I see that they can be easily bypassed and turned into opportunities,” he added.

And this –

 In 2009, as Velayati contemplated a bid for president, an aide reached out to U.S. diplomats expressing interest in cooperating with the West and asking that some sanctions be lifted in order to help raise funds for Velayati’s campaign, according to leaked cables.

But oops – not all is perfect. Foreign policy calls Rouhani “Iran’s most cooperative — if short-lived — nuclear negotiator between 2003 and 2005,” while the historical fact (by his own admission) is that he pretended to be cooperative while deceiving his western interlocutors.



Pretty straight forward, includes most of the required information. But its contention that the Velayati of AMIA and opposition to the Additional Protocol is somehow “an irreproachable character” is a gross exaggeration.



Seems to us like they support Velayati – and in any case strongly oppose Jalili. seems like they forgot their job and chose to take sides.


New York Times

Thomas Erdbrink really killed us with this one:

“But if the presidential campaign is any indication, rather than forcing a capitulation, the sanctions seem only to have stiffened Iran’s will to resist.”

So, Mr. Erdbrink, what drove them forward the two decades before sanctions were imposed? please Let us know.

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