Automating Coverage on Iran

The Iranians never stop  complaining about the media; they’re so hypocritical.  Sometimes they even manage to find someone to agree that “it’s not us – it’s them”.

Enter the University of Maryland’s  School of Public Policy (always best to have the imprimatur of a well-known school) and its “research” trying to show that major western media outlets give short shrift to presenting Iran’s sides of the argument in the nuclear crisis.

Naturally, the authors’ conclusions were immediately trumpeted by Iran’s official news agency Fars – a sure sign as to the tendentiousness of their arguments.

Of course, the Iran issue in the mainstream media is hardly a one-sided affair; as we wrote recently, there are plenty of journalists who are providing the Iranian spin. Apparently the “researchers” skipped over that part.

Blaming western media for Iran’s woes is nothing new. Beirut Daily Star columnist Rami Khouri recently chimed in on the subject, bemoaning after a recent trip to the U.S. how “annoying” it is to follow news coverage of Iran in the US media.  Mr. Khouri, there’s a reason for that:  How about nuclear deceptionSubversion?

Actually, the Iranians should be thankful for the battle fatigue generally prevailing in the media. For example, how much have readers seen about this week’s IAEA conference? Huh?

Perhaps Khouri & Co. would prefer western media follow the advice of Tufts University’s Prof. Daniel Drezner, who a while back suggested  automating blog posts  on Iran. Drezner says that until there’s a change in the status quo in the crisis, he’ll just link back to his previous blogs on “What to Do About Iran.”

Drezner’s post is from February, but it was too good to ignore… what, no sense of humor? What a serious bunch of readers we have!

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