Syria: Behind Iran’s Call for Diplomacy

Interesting sub-plot developing in the Syrian crisis: Iran desperately wants in on diplomacy. The media is pretty much on top of Tehran’s multi-track approach of guns, butter and diplomacy, but there’s something we think deserves illumination.

Our point of departure: this tweet by Dina Esfandiary from the IISS. Referring to the staunch French opposition to inclusion of Iran in efforts to resolve the crisis, she sarcastically writes:

Fabius: “..we’re opposed (to incl #Iran in talks) bc it is not after a political solution”. But the #Russians are?

Moscow is protecting Assad, for sure, while Iran aspires to preserve the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah monster on the loose. The call for diplomacy seeks to prevent its years-long investment from going down the drain (Iran also probably fears public exposure of its strategic activities with Damascus). Tehran has tried this before, for instance during the 2006 Lebanon War when it sought to protect Hezbollah.

Back then, it was the French foreign minister who praised Iran’s “stabilizing role” in the Lebanon crisis – conveniently ignoring that Tehran had created and nurtured the monster it was proposing to constrain. Esfiandiary should actually be congratulating Paris for now adopting a policy much more consistent with the realities on the ground.

Indeed, France is right to link the Syrian and Iranian crises together, as Foreign Minister Fabius did in a recent interview to Le Monde when he asked:

“If the international community isn’t capable of stopping a movement in which Assad’s men are powerfully supported by the Iranians, how credible will we be in ensuring that Iran doesn’t acquire a nuclear weapon?”

The response of Trita Parsi, head of the DC-based pro-regime lobby? Forget about nukes, give Iran a seat at the table. No daylight there with Tehran.

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10 comments on “Syria: Behind Iran’s Call for Diplomacy
  1. joannecouvaras says:

    Give Iran a seat at the table. However, what to do about the Russians?

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  3. modestus says:

    Iran is the real monster in the region. they ar intransigent, period

  4. jack says:

    No Iran never started a war with its neighbor but Israel did and oppressed the palestinian people and discriminate them so who is the real monster?

    • keith morley says:

      if fighting back after being attacked , first militarily years ago and then constantly by terrorists since, is starting a war you think different than any logical educated person on the planet.Yassir Arafat is not a hero he is as much a murderer as the serial killers are , we have made a great error in elevating him to hero status, now killing and hiding your identity is acceptable. If you are committed to your beliefs , you should stand up and be known for your stance. These hoolagins who protest in hoodies or cover their faces are cowards and trouble causers who only want kaos not peace. t
      They are criminals and should be dealt with the same as what a just society feels is the consequence for such actions.Military actions or Police actions arent always just but would you want a society where the group with the conviction to hurt all who they dont agree with force their will upon us and kill us in their actions without our ability to debate and choose as a group what is best for the majority decides. At least we get to vote without someone standing at the entrance intimidating the people . Isreal is back in there homeland so bible prophesy can be fulfilled, God made sure Hitler took care of that, as the Jews left that hate filled region and settled elsewhere after fighting these nations for 6000 years. If you read history ,then you know that after they finish fighting an invader they go back to killing ther brother nations again. Everytime western society has intervined was because there was a genocide going on. Its a good thing the Jews are there otherwise they would be ethnic clensing thereown . Oh ya thats right after death to the zionists we can kill our Arab Brother again. Scriptural writings in the Chritian bible tells us how it started, how its going, and how it will end. Just read it ,it follows Gods plan to a letter, no avoiding it. Get to know Jesus Christ while your still alive under Grace ,cause if not you will ALL meet him in Judgement after death.

      • Jordan says:

        Keith, I am very troubled about your own state of mind. What do you mean by “Bible prophesy”? Maybe God gave brain for a reason, so that you can think for yourself. It is very good that you read your Bible or scrolls; however, you should also think on your own (assuming higher power gave you that ability) rather then living by the rules of the books that someone else wrote. Bible and scrolls are good to teach people about the good, but please don’t use the Bible or the scrolls to justify eye for an eye or oppression of any side in the conflict.

  5. martin says:

    May God have mercy on these people, give peace a chance. From South-Africa

  6. Ian Beddowes says:

    Too much talk about diplomacy. The Axis just want to steal Iran’s oil just the same as they have Iraq’s and Libya’s (where they killed off all those nasty black people in order to establish Human Rights). On their way through Syria, they are quite happy to join hands with jihadists who have already enjoyed themselves massacring some of the world’s oldest Christian community, and the jihadist leader, who spent some years in prison for the bombing of large numbers of innocent people, bin McCain is extremely unhappy that ALL the Christians have not been killed as they are terrorists — and is asking the British Government for assistance. As the Brits are democrats they are gravely considering whether they should make it compulsory for everybody to become a Salafist — or if this fails, just to send weapons to kill off the remainder of those horrible Syrian Christians. When they have done that they can kill all the Shiites in Iran and have all that lovely oil. Diplomacy and Democracy are things which are dropped out of aeroplanes and explode.

  7. Mohammed shakeel says:

    Power hungry mad mullahs destroying nations and Islam . this bloody ash holes should be hang by there testicles. only then our Muslims can live witch peace

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