Argentina, AMIA & El Majlis

Wow – closing in on four months since the Argentine-Iran accord on AMIA, almost three months since Argentine Senate approval, and six weeks since our own reminder that Buenos Aires is waiting for the Majlis OK.

It’s still waiting. But you’d only know that if you read Spanish – apparently too boring a story for the anglo press.

So a quick run-down from Spanish-language media: The good news is that even Foreign Minister Hector Timerman has noticed the Majlis silence, now saying that the longer it takes them the more doubts are aroused about Iranian intentions. No kidding.

What’s the rush, anyway? Tehran has already pocketed one of its main goals in this exercise (as previously reported): removing public scrutiny from the involvement in the AMIA killings of three high-profile candidates for the June presidential fake elections, Ali Velayati, Mohsen Rezai and Ali Fallahian. And so the media can focus on their more pleasant side, such as Velayati in a karate suit (also a favorite in the west).

The Iranian context is a relative piece of cake to understand, as compared with the domestic Argentine aspects. For instance, turns out a parliamentarian recently admitted that he voted in favor of the accord in return for financial contributions to his province.

But the wildest development so far to come out of this case is President Cristina Kirchner’s evasion– apparently by hiding in the lady’s room – of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during the inauguration ceremony of Venezuela’s new head Nicolas Maduro. Don’t take our word for it: see her real-time tweets in sequence (tweet 1tweet 2,  tweet 3 and tweet 4).

It would be funny – if it weren’t so sad.

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3 comments on “Argentina, AMIA & El Majlis
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