Trita Parsi, The Court Has Spoken

Hats off to Trita Parsi and his colleague Reza Marashi, who have  blocked us as followers of their Twitter accounts. By doing so, they gave us a huge complement – that this young blog’s in the right direction.

It’s their prerogative, of course, but a shame nonetheless. We had sincerely hoped they would demonstrate a reasonable level of openness to other ways of looking at the Iranian crisis. So much for a free exchange of ideas.

Their view, incidentally, strongly contrasts with the more positive approach of Yousaf Butt, who forwarded a comment to a recent post of ours. Appreciate it.

Back to Trita Parsi: This isn’t the first time he’s taken concrete action to oppose differing views. As we reported, last year he lost an attempt to sue a US-based Iranian journalist for calling him and his group “key players in the lobby enterprise of Tehran’s ayatollahs in the United States.”  The presiding judge basically called him a “moderately intelligent agent for the Iranian regime.” Last month, a DC court ordered Parsi to cough up $183,480,09 for the benefit of the journalist he sued.  Thus a four-year legal saga – full of practical and symbolic meaning, in the context of Iran’s advocacy in the US public sphere – comes to a close.

Till next time.

What’s truly extraordinary about this case is that nobody in the mainstream media – certainly not in the Trita Parsi fan club – thought his legal defeats were newsworthy.  Not Al-Monitor’s Barbara Slavin. Not the BBC’s Lyse Doucet. Not his co-signatories to the latest Atlantic Council report– neither the ubiquitous Thomas Pickering, nor Ploughshares’ Joseph Cirincione.

Time for more objectivity regarding Trita Parsi. The courts have spoken.

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2 comments on “Trita Parsi, The Court Has Spoken
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