Dan Joyner, Anti-IAEA Lobby Upgrade

Gliding through the blogosphere we bumped into the strangest thing: this “public service announcement” by arms control blogger Dan Joyner for Iranian apologist Yousaf Butt, by now well known to readers of this blog (here and here).

On the whole we’ve refrained from covering Dan Joyner – whose posts tend to be legalistic, long-winded and even convoluted (and as such probably have little or no chance of making it into the mainstream media on a regular basis). But his troubling support for the anti-IAEA crowd – as well as opposition to those who support the continued integrity of the Agency as the pillar of international efforts to reign in Iran – has not gone unnoticed by us.

For sure, Dan Joyner has done a certain service to readers by exposing Butt’s wide-ranging, coast-to-coast, behind-the-scenes efforts against the IAEA – and against continued pressure on Iran. For that we should all be grateful. Indeed, in the past few months Butt has popped up all over the place, clearly a man with a mission.

On the other hand, as someone who purports to be an arms control wonk, Dan Joyner crosses the fine line between analysis and advocacy by so overtly promoting Butt – making both him and his friend ineligible to appear in the mass media as objective sources.

Hence, in addition to his solidarity with anti-sanctions forces such as Trita Parsi and Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett, Dan Joyner  is now on record as being in bed with those who are bent on delegitimizing the IAEA – an effort, if successful, would leave a dangerous vacuum in fighting nuclear proliferation.

Is that what Dan Joyner, citizen of the US and the great state of Alabama, would like to see? It’s certainly what Tehran wants– unlike its Sunni neighbors.

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3 comments on “Dan Joyner, Anti-IAEA Lobby Upgrade
  1. yousaf says:

    Hi, is there any technical point that you’d like to discuss in which you think I was wrong?

    • Dr. Yousaf Butt, thanks for your comment. we believe that responsible media have an obligation to accurately label advocates in the Iranian crisis for what they are – and not present them as objective analysts. in this context we accentuate your own criticism of seasoned veterans of internationally authorized non-proliferation sanctions mechanisms (for example, here and here), and take this opportunity to note that according to your own bio you do not have the practical, ground-level experience possessed by those you criticize. as for the technical aspects of your worldview, we have already shown our humility by defering to experts in the field. we encourage you to continue following our blog and look forward to future coments.

  2. […] strongly contrasts with the more positive approach of Yousaf Butt, who forwarded a comment to a recent post of ours. Appreciate […]

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