Canada Blocks Iran-protected Terrorism

The traditional and social media are all abuzz with Canada’s announcement it thwarted an Al-Qaeda sponsored attack with ties to Iran. The noise level is particularly high among Tehran’s usual apologists.

The head scratching seems to be about this Sunni-Shiite marriage of convenience.  Iran’s military and financial support for Palestinian (ie Sunni) terrorist groups should have put that confusion to bed long ago. Nevertheless, apparently a reminder is in order – such as this, from the Canadian press:

“As for 9/11, the Commission clearly states that there is “no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning for what later became the 9/11 attack.” But at least eight of the 19 al-Qaida hijackers travelled into or out of Iran between 2000 and 2001. Iranian border guards were even directed not to stamp certain passports, which likely eased the movement of some of the 9/11 terrorists.”

The article adds:

“And after 9/11, Iran continued to turn a blind eye to al-Qaida. For example, with the toppling of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in October 2001, some al-Qaida operatives found refuge in Iran. And between his stints fighting U.S. forces in Afghanistan and later, in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, future leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, lived openly in Tehran. U.S. terrorism expert Matthew Levitt has suggested Zarqawi did so “with the full knowledge” of the Iranian regime.”

This breaking story may be as much about Ottawa’s evolving relationship with Tehran as the Al-Qaeda – Iran axis. As we have pointed out on several occasions (here and here and here), in the past year especially Canada has not been shy about taking a principled stand vis-à-vis Tehran on the entire range of issues of concern: WMD, terrorism/subversion, and human rights. The point is reinforced by this Canadian review of the two countries’ bilateral relations.

And what about the apologists? Well, just have a look at the following excerpts from this Twitter conversation among UANI, Barbara Slavin, Dina Esfandiary and Ali Gharib (the truly committed are invited to read the conversations in their entirety):

UANI:  @barbaraslavin1 How does #AlQaeda elements operating in #Iran not “compute” for you? The evidence is undeniable  

BARBARA SLAVIN: @UANI no evidence of #Iranian government involvement according to #Canada

DINA ESFANDIARY:  Agree with @barbaraslavin1 that if there were a link btwn #AlQaeda and #Iran it would be ‘extremely tangential’

ALI GHARIB:  “Canadian officials made clear that they weren’t connecting the alleged plot to the Iranian gov’t”

BS: @Ali_Gharib well that’s a relief; who precisely in Iran are they connecting it to?

AG: RT @barbaraslavin1 @Ali_Gharib Al Qaeda and Iran have a very strained history made worse by Syria

You get the picture…. Some media types simply refuse to be confused by the facts.

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11 comments on “Canada Blocks Iran-protected Terrorism
  1. Raj says:

    Al Qaeda has already stated it hates Iran and the Shia who they regard as deviants from orthodox Islam so to try to claim that the two would work together and using Irans support for Palestinian groups as a excuse to pretend this alliance could exist is just stupid
    Why you need to have a blog like the alternative media to “hammer” your point is beyond anyone with any sanity we have the main stream media already spouting these kind of lies

  2. George W Bush says:

    … and just goes to prove how retarded Americans are … glad I live north of the border from all the red necks.

  3. Such a shame so much violence in troublesome spots in the world, especially Syria right now. What a waste of lives, and infrastructure. Syria is now broken, mentally, socially, faithfully, and militarily. What kind of future awaits the children?

  4. Mike Boileau says:

    So, let me get this right? The bombs that blew-up the Air India 747 over the ocean and the one at Narita Airport originated in Canada, ipso facto “Canada is afiliated with a terrorist group”?????

  5. Al says:

    If the terrorists who blew up the plane were known terrorists living in Ottawa before the bombing but after fleeing from another nation, I suspect the Canadian government would have done something about it. As it stands, Iran’s government has a much heavier hand in domestic matters than that of Canada. When you consider that Iran’s biggest desire is to see the Great Satan and the Lesser Satan eradicated, Al Qaeda is a tool to be unleashed on the west. it may not be controllable and may need to be stamped on, but it is still useful to Iran. To deny otherwise is to be myopic or willfully ignorant.

  6. Abbie Goop says:

    lets see: the PRESIDENT does not want to deal with the people of SYRIA.

    IRAN wants to wipe ISRAEL off the map. Is CANADA helping ?

    • Jacques says:

      At least Canada is one of the rare countries if not the only one to truly and unconditionnally support democratic Israel against its backward and totatalitarian Arab and Persian neighbours at this time. All the more commendable as the Canadian government is feeling the pressure from the Muslim block that controls the UN and a lot of the countries in the rest of the democratic world that do not have the courage to take the same principled stand.

  7. Don says:

    – one thing about Harper is if he believes in something he isn’t afraid to tell everybody his feelings, not many poloticians like this in the world. Alot of gutless wonders.

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