A sanctioned criminal preaching in Vienna

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar is a wanted man.  Wanted for brutally oppressing democracy protestors.  Wanted for systematically abusing the basic human rights of his fellow Iranians.

The Iran Daily Brief Blog explains:

So what was he doing traveling around Europe as a free man?

Last week, he was in Vienna to talk about international cooperation (ironic, taking into account Iran’s nuclear obstructionism) in tackling drugs:

The Islamic Republic News Agency proudly noted that:

Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar who is here to attend the 56th annual session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, offered five guidelines to fight drugs abuse.

While Press TV proudly ran with the headline:

Iran UN’s number one partner in war on drugs

In the past I have noted the worrying manner in which Iran tackles narcotics, noting:

Few news agencies or newspapers have focused on the worryingly dark side of Iran’s drug problem. I have already elucidated concerns emanating from the Human Rights Community about the Iranian regime using their narcotic policy as a psychotic excuse for mass executions.

Credit must also be given to two British news sources which actually covered this topic.

This Sky News update reflects responsible reporting, focusing on the fact that in Iran, “Hundreds are being hanged every year, including children, vulnerable people and innocent scapegoats; that Britain should have played a part in this tragedy is shameful.”

The IRNA also tells us that:

Fedotov [the Executive Director of the United Nations on Drugs and Crime] thanked Iran for having its campaign against narcotic drug.

Najjar should not have been in Europe, let alone preaching to others how best to tackle drugs. Thank you Iran for your help and advice, but mass executions aren’t really our thing.

I can’t summarize it any better than Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson for Iran Human Rights (IHR), who spoke about drug trafficking and the death penalty at a UNODC side event.

He said that “Mostafa Mohammad Najjar should be arrested by the Austrian police for his role in the killing of peaceful demonstrators on December 27, 2009. I hope Austrians and human rights groups in Austria will protest Mr. Najjar’s presence in their country.”

And Najjar is not the only leading Iranian figure who has found Vienna a welcoming destination in recent weeks.

Where was the media outrage?  Where was the media coverage?  Well… that is what we are here for.

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8 comments on “A sanctioned criminal preaching in Vienna
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  4. Islam is about to conquer Europe, not peacefully. Europe and the USA are afraid of Islam. Islamists are willing to kill and maim for the sake of their ideology.

    • Hussain Rizvi says:

      Totally wrong perception of Islam. Islam is the religon of peace and yes will conquer the hearts through its light for guidance. Islam teaches to love mankind and prohabits from killing innocent people. Whats been happening arround is the wrong propaganda against Islam and muslims, those who are killing people in the name of Islam are not actually muslims, they disguised themselves among muslims and are in fact harming true Islam by injecting their own ideologies and thinkings among ignorant muslims, unfortunately its also been supported through social unjustice to these people. Islam never alows to kill even animals rather humans. If you want to know real Islam or the teaching of Islam, please go through nuteral history and read about “The Messenger of God” and his preachings. Read about his instructions to his companions before fighting aginst enemies. The most famous victory “Fateh Makkah” was achieved without even shedding a single blood drop on earth. He always refrained his companions and followers from even destroying crops, trees, killing children, women, elderly people or unarmeds during war. He always advised to forgive enemy or if revenge do the same amount of harm as you recieved, never exceed.

      Even if you read Holy Quran, it says “It is because of this that We ordained for (all humankind, but particularly for) the Children of Israel: He who kills a soul unless it be (in legal punishment) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the earth will be as if he had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind. Assuredly there came to them Our Messengers (one after the other) with clear proofs of the truth (so that they might be revived both individually and as a people). Then (in spite of all this), many of them go on committing excesses on the earth.” Al

      And to be more simple terrorism has no religon. Root causes analysis for the innocent people been used by the terrorists always reveled that only victims of terrorisms and unjustice been exploited and later used for these acts. So the best way to fight aginst terrorism is to stop pointing out whole communities for the act of few extremists who even don’t have the idea of what religon is about to.

      Please stop criticising the religon for the act of criminals or you’ll produce hatered among people and hatered begets hatred, spread love and peace among the world by respecting each other and accepting eachothers existance with due tolerance.

    • Shazam says:

      “Islamists are willing to kill and maim for the sake of their ideology.” Change “Islamists” to “deists” and you’d be correct – man has been killing other men in the name of God for a very long time. Christians and Jews are no less responsible for heinous crimes than Muslims – sad thing is, they all worship the same God.

  5. I am trying to understand your positions. But acutal life is reminds me about my experiences: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Pearl

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