Rewriting an Atomic Reality: Iran’s foot soldiers back to work

At the same time as the IAEA, the internationally recognized nuclear watchdog of the UN, released its most recent critical report of Iran’s nuclear program (see my recent post), Farhad Pouladi from AFP decided to rewrite the news.

A full three quarters of his report were made up of a mere regurgitation of Saeed Jalili’s propaganda:

“Iran has fulfilled its NPT obligations as an active and committed member, therefore (it) should gain all of its rights,” Jalili said in an address to Iranian nuclear industry officials.

Meanwhile, unofficial Iranian spokesperson – posing once again as an ‘analyst’ – Seyed Hossein Mousavian reanalyzed Khamenei’s crystal clear words; Foreign Policy provided the platform.

“Some naive people like the idea of negotiating with America, however, negotiations will not solve the problem,” Khamenei famously said, in response to VP Joe Biden’s recent call for direct talks.  Mousavian, however, clutches at those proverbial straws, trying to convince the reader that when the ‘Supreme Leader’ said ‘no’, he actually meant ‘yes’: Ayatollah Khamenei’s statement can also be read as an invitation for genuine negotiations.”

He rewrites history (when his job was the official spokesperson of the Iranian nuclear program) and once again bases the crux of his argument on the ‘non-existent Fatwa’ (see my previous posts on the matter).

Last week also saw the return of lone scientist/propagandist: Yousaf Butt.  Last week we read that (numerous) scientists at the ISIS (followed by the Washington Post) linked the purchase of 100,000 ring-shaped magnets to Iran’s nuclear program.  Butt doesn’t buy it.  He thinks it is more likely that Iranian agents were secretly trying to purchase this equipment for… loudspeakers.  He continues to mix science with politics – leaving his op-eds as both irrational and tendentious.

Mousavian’s partner in crime Mohammad Ali Shabani recently noted in the foreign policy blog, Lobe Log, that:

Iran and the P5+1 — the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany — are set to resume nuclear talks in Kazakhstan on 26 February, but little appears to have changed since their previous meeting in Russia last summer.”

In the article, entitled ‘Iran Seeks Reciprocity in Nuclear Negotiations’, he correctly highlights that “The P5+1 doesn’t seem to have changed its demands.”   

Amazingly, in an entire piece about purported fairness and ‘reciprocity’ he omits possibly the IAEA’s most basic demand – transparency.

So as the international media get excited about another round of talks/Iranian footdragging – the foot soldiers are out there once again, spreading the official line of the Iranian regime in their various guises.  At least my readers won’t be fooled…

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3 comments on “Rewriting an Atomic Reality: Iran’s foot soldiers back to work
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