Topical sanctions missed by most in the media

On Friday, we read in Reuters that:

“Iran’s English-language Press TV channel has been dropped from the satellite platform that allowed it to broadcast in the United States and Canada.”

I have written a plethora of blog posts on the importance of targeted smart sanctions. This is exactly what we have been encouraging and praising…   Yet these recent measures were missed by most of the international media.

Reuters reported ealier on Wednesday that the United States “had sanctioned Iran’s main agency in charge of broadcasting for helping the government censor Western reports, part of a broader effort by Washington to pressure Tehran’s nuclear program.”

Reuters – once again – leads the way in terms of both volume and quality when it comes to reporting on Iran.

Timothy Gardner who penned this piece goes on to elucidate – with the help of a senior US official – regarding the nature of the sanctions:

“In its crackdown on Iran’s state-sponsored media, the Treasury named the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, its director, Ezzatollah Zarghami, and others as subject to sanctions that effectively block their access to the U.S. financial system.

Human rights groups have said Iran is using state media reports to trample dissent, and have pointed to forced confessions of political detainees in front of state media outlets.

Iran is using social media to hunt down political activists and is engaged in a campaign to filter out unwanted television content, the senior U.S. official said.” 

Credit also goes to al-Jazeera, who reported on the new sanctions and even bothered to add important information for their readers:

The Iranian Cyber Police, a unit formed in 2009 that has hacked into email accounts related to political action, deleted anti-government blogs and arrested bloggers, also comes under sanctions, the Treasury said.

The Iran Electronics Industries, which the Treasury said had helped the government crush activism by monitoring text messages, was also targeted by the sanctions.

In the meantime, Iran’s unofficial spokespeople continue to condemn these targeted sanctions, including Kaveh Afrasiabi’s interviews which reach new heights of hypocrisy (see my previous posts on this Trojan horse sent out by the Iranian regime to undermine western democracies in the name of… ‘democracy’!).

For those interested in being exposed to what the vast majority of the western media chose to ignore, here are the details of the Treasury’s recent measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its hate-filled state-sponsored media.


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One comment on “Topical sanctions missed by most in the media
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