Basic Freedoms in Iran

“Knowing the facts and the real stands of each party to this dispute, how could a freedom-lover keep silence and be impartial on the “negotiations” among these two opposing camps? In these negotiations one side is the oppressor and the other side is oppressed.” 

Believe it or not, this is taken straight out of a Fars News article entitled “American 99 Percenters Support Iran’s Positions in Future Talks with G5+1”.  The oppressor in this quote, of course, is not Iran – one of the most oppressive theocratic regimes in the world (see previous posts on the human rights situation) – rather it is referring to the United States of America.  It is time to recalibrate some moral compasses.

German diplomats,  Argentinean politicians, as well as a host of Spanish media analysts have been highly critical of the ban on Iranian channels by European satellite companies (see previous posts here and here).   Unsurprisingly, these voices of disapproval find their natural amplification via their natural channel… you guessed it… Press TV:  The Iranian state propaganda channel, which broadcasts torture victims’ confessions amongst other atrocities, even has the audacity to accuse Hispasat of violating democratic principles!

All the while, the Iran Daily Brief notes that “Relatives of political journalist, Ali Asgar Ramezanpour (former Deputy Culture Minister under reformist President Mohammad Khatami), who works from London, said that they have been told by Iran’s intelligence officials to “tell him to quit his activities and return to Iran or expect more pressure.”

Journalists have also been targeted in smear campaigns:

This week, Iranian journalists working for the popular BBC Persian Service found themselves as the targets of an extensive smear campaign, courtesy of cyber activists affiliated with the government, the Guardian reports.”

I recently penned a post on Iran’s super subversive globally active Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

This was taken straight out of Congress’ report:

MOIS cooperates with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) organization for its information campaigns and for dissemination of its propaganda. The IRIB is a state-controlled television and radio organization whose head is appointed by the Supreme Leader of Iran.  MOIS, through IRIB, produces and broadcasts documentary films of successful operations that MOIS then broadcasts on national television

Why should these western countries provide platforms for the Iranian regime to propagate its hatred and continue to (attempt to) paint over its incessant (and often brutal) violations of international law?

And one last thing, as for Iran’s self-perception:  This graph – based on Pew Reseach Global Attitudes Project polls – would suggest that Iran is not quite as popular in the West as the Iranian media would like us to think!

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