Canada and Reuters are on the ball

Last week the chief of the UN’s nuclear watchdogwarned that if there is no solution to the vexed Iranian nuclear issue, the situation is going to escalate.”

IAEA chief, Yukiya Amano explained to the Times of India that:

“We have been negotiating for close to 1 year but we don’t have concrete results and that is worrying… … Without cooperation from Iran, we cannot say whether or not their activities are for peaceful purposes,” he added.”

Reuters has, however, been leading the way on its reporting of the various condemnations emanating from the UN.

A few days before Amano’s interview, a UN GA resolution, sponsored by Canada and co-sponsored by other Western countries “condemned North KoreaIran and Syria on Thursday for widespread human rights abuses”.

Simultaneously, the UN Security Council impose[d] [further] sanctions on nuclear-ambitious Iran for providing military support to the Syrian government and violating a UN arm embargo on the war-torn country” (see this Reuters piece).

However, despite this multilateral censure of Iran’s behavior – and beyond the world leadership of the US on this matter – it is the current Canadian administration that once again excels in its tough stance towards Iran’s rogue activities.

“The Canadian government has listed the clandestine branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization and, at the same time, removed a controversial Iranian opposition organization, the People’s Mujahedin, from the terror list.”

The Globe and Mail quotes Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, noting:

“The listing of terrorist entities sends a strong message that Canada will not tolerate terrorist activities, including terrorist financing, or those who support such activities.” 

We, at Iran Media Focus, are particularly critical of poor reporting on the Iranian nuclear program and the human rights situation in Iran.  However, we also feel that it is important to grant credit where credit is due.  Canada’s attitude, the recent aforementioned activity/condemnations at the UN – as well as Reuters’ coverage of the matter – deserve particular credit and much praise.

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