Reza Marashi – the new Trita Parsi

Reza Marashi of the National Iranian American Council is the new unofficial face of the Iranian regime.  He has appeared on CNN, NPR, Sky News to name but a few.  In one of his recently published pieces, cutely titled “Tehran looks ready to tango” (but then again, it was for al-Jazeera), he ignores all precedent and uses the recent Iranian intelligence ministry report to ‘show’ that now Iran is ready for talks.

Like his friend Trita Parsi (see my previous blog posts here and here – one of them also cutely titled ‘It still takes two to tango’!), Marashi packages the party line in a manner which is digestible for a western audience.  He, like the regime, pushes the medical supply agenda (see recent post), while forgetting who is to blame.  He, like the regime, calls for sanctions to be removed in order to appease the Islamic Republic of Iran into compromise.

In this HuffPost piece, Parsi and Marashi argue for the lifting or freezing of sanctions in return for Iranian transparency.

If Obama cannot lift U.S. sanctions, he has two options at his disposal: 1) Agree to temporarily freeze sanctions in return for Iran temporarily freezing the aforementioned aspects of its nuclear program; 2) Work with allies in Europe to stop EU sanctions in return for Iran stopping aspects of its program.

It sounds logical.  But Iran refuses to open up its nuclear program.  It talks about talks, but doesn’t talk.  The whole time they are dragging their feet, enriching further, cleaning out Parchin, digging deeper and rendering their program more and more immune from any outside interference.

If the Iranians were interested in transparency, they’d have let the inspectors in a long time ago.  They are interested in buying time.  And luckily for the Iranian regime, they have eloquent spokespeople like Marashi and Parsi, on the front lines in Europe and the US, doing ‘God’s Work’ for them.

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4 comments on “Reza Marashi – the new Trita Parsi
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