Ali Gharib and national security… really?

Ali Gharib, a ‘national security expert’ formerly of Think Progress (word on the street is that he was booted out of the Center for American Progress), seems more interested in throwing in the towel, than securing the nation.  When it comes to Iran, he seems to be advocating a non-policy of inaction and appeasement.   But when a strategic adversary is determined to achieve a goal; Iran, nuclear weapons… inaction simply is not option.

In this Daily Beast piece, he bemoans a potential military solution (everyone’s last resort) by noting that

“A mere delay in Iran’s nuclear progress remains a recipe for creating the same conditions under which Israel operates against the Palestinians: a long war of varying intensity, with no end in sight. What is “cutting the grass” if not a metaphor for unending conflict?”

… History is likely to dispense with the euphemism of “mowing the lawn” and call this what it is: perpetual war.

No serious analysts would analyze either issue as cutting the grass.  Rather it is extracting the weeds; from their roots.  The weeds in this case are a wild, uncontrollable species: nuclear weapons.  And this species could spread and infest a whole region.  We cannot afford to sit and allow this danger to grow unimpeded.

When it comes to characters like Ali Gharib; we must be careful not to mistake ‘anti-war’ activists for genuine experts on issues of ‘national security’. Apropo, we just can’t resist sharing with you this description we found of him written by those activists:

Ali Gharib, New York-based journalist on U.S. foreign policy and LobeLog writer, discusses the FBI raids on antiwar activists’ homes, how Israel put Iran in “Axis of Evil” after 9/11, the Global War on Terror’s conflation of national resistance groups (and any enemy of Israel) with international terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, neoconservative warmongers re-using the Iraq War playbook to gin up support for an attack on Iran, the tangled neocon web of familial relationships and the new cottage industry of neophyte Koran “scholars” quoting passages out of context to portray Islam as a religion bent on world domination.

What was this guy doing with the respectable Center for American Progress – and now with the Daily Beast?

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