Greenwald’s Idea of Accountability

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald seems to think he’s above the (media) law.  We don’t.

Like others who tout the Iranian line in the nuclear crisis, Greenwald’s been in a tizzy ever since AP’s original diagram story (see our post).  Energetically quoting members of the Tehran fan club – while disparaging genuine nuclear experts whose opinions don’t suit their premise – these cheerleaders freely sing off the Iranian song sheet. Nothing new here.

But Greenwald’s the king of them all. In his second blog on the article he had the audacity to demand “an accounting and explanation.” No less. Why? Does AP answer to you, Mr. Greenwald, or to the public?

Turns out – how surprising – that Greenwald doesn’t believe he should be subjected to the same “accounting and explanation” he demands from AP. Case in point: When he went overboard in his obsessive campaign against CNN (check his blog) and accused a fellow journalist of disseminating Pentagon PR.

This was about a month ago. It all started when CNN’s Barbara Starr quoted Pentagon sources as claiming that two Iranian Su-25 fighter jets fired on an unarmed U.S. Air Force Predator drone in the Persian Gulf. Immediately Greenwald pounced on her claiming she “parrots significant, inflammatory government claims without an iota of skepticism or balance.” Unlucky for him, when Iran finally admitted the incident it turned out Starr scooped the rest.

And what of Greenwald’s apology – his “accounting and explanation”?  We haven’t been able to locate it (if you do, please forward…).

Apropos, today the US Navy is rejecting Iranian claims it’s captured an American drone.

Wonder whose side Greenwald’s going to take on this one – maybe he should wait for CNN’s Starr to get to the bottom of this latest incident…

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