Medical supplies and letting the regime off the hook

According to the BBC and Al-Monitor (et al), sanctions are seriously affecting the medical supply in Iran. In fact, the Iranians have been particularly vociferous in pushing this agenda at the UN and through the foreign correspondents based in Tehran.

The BBC, in a lengthy and emotive piece about the debilitating affects of the sanctions does manage to note that:

“Critics of the government believe its mismanagement of the national finances, as well as the inefficacy of local bureaucracies and corruption, have exacerbated the problems.”

However, its conclusion, reflective of the tone of the rest of the piece is clear:

“Sanctions or mismanagement? For patients and their families it does not matter which one is to blame for the crisis which is slowly threatening a nation’s health.”

Why let the regime off the hook? ‘Mismanagement’ does not sufficiently describe the corruption and cynical manipulation of the media by the Iranian authorities on this issue.  First of all, let us not forget that it is the Iranian regime itself that decides which medical supplies it needs and receives.  Likewise, a quick glance at the local headlines in Iran, provides a very different picture of both the ‘sanctions’ and the so-called ‘mismanagement’.  For example, as the Enduring America blog has pointed out:

Minister of Health Marziyeh Vahid Dastjerdi was quoted by ISNA, “We don’t know what happened to the hard currency allocated to the purchase of medicine.” Ms. Dastjerdi also said that, out of the annual $2.5 billion allocated for the purchase and import of medicine, the Iranian Central Bank has only provided $600 million thus far. 


Mehr News claimed that the allocated “medicine purchase” dollars were reassigned for the purchase of luxury goods such as makeup and luxury cars.

We call upon media outlets, such as the BBC and Al-Monitor, to cease with their mere regurgitation of the Iranian regime’s official line.  The Iranian regime continues to prioritize its opaque nuclear project ahead of the basic well-being of its civilians, while at the same time disdainfully forcing a ‘humanitarian’ agenda, for which the regime itself is entirely responsible.

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