Canada leads the way, again

Unfortunate, but not surprising, that a story currently unfolding north of the border and riveting serious media consumers in Canada (in both French and English) has gone totally unnoticed everywhere else. Never fear: that’s what we’re here for.

Turns out that Quebec, currently hosting a massive inter-parliamentary conference, has been forced to host an Iranian delegation against its country’s will (Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations – look it up).

But this is Canada we’re talking about, the only state in the west with enough moral pedigree to severe relations with the butchers from Tehran. So no red-carpet treatment here; those representatives of the oppressive Iranian regime who were allowed to come to the conference were not given an easy ride.   

Addressing 1,400 lawmakers at the gathering in Quebec City, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said Bahais and Christians in Iran were “consistently threatened with death and torture, simply for believing.”


He also said “the evil regime in Iran… remains the most significant threat to global peace and security,” accusing Tehran of fomenting hatred against the Jewish people and supporting terrorist groups.


Baird also offered a novel idea to the participants of this multilateral junket: put your money where your mouth is.

In his speech, Baird called on delegates to return home after the 127th conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and press their respective governments to throw their support behind a [Canadian-initiated] human rights resolution on Iran at the United Nations.

“This regime stands for everything we parliamentarians should stand against,” he said.

The Iranian delegation didn’t like any of this, of course. Bet they didn’t think anyone would notice that one of its members, Nasrollah Pejmanfar, was recently quoted in the Persian-language press calling Israel a “cancerous cell” (many thanks to an Iranian pal for that translation – see the original for yourself: 

Canada is once again leading the way, demonstrating to the rest of the civilized world just how to deal with a human rights abusing pariah state which oppresses its own citizens and disregards international institutions and norms. 

So why aren’t we reading about this the world over today?

Incidentally, there was a fair degree of uncertainty just who would be heading the Iranian delegation following the recent expulsion of the Islamic Republic’s diplomats from Ottawa.

According to the ‘trusty’ news source Fars News, it was very nearly a diplomatic disaster for the Canadians…

“The Iranian parliament had earlier announced that Speaker Ali Larijani would also attend the IPU meeting but he later called off the visit after Ottawa intensified hostilities towards Tehran and cut off ties with Iran.“

Even if there is no kernel of truth to this report (as is often the case with Fars News), it does provide us with an excellent opportunity to look at the US educated Iranian Parliament Speaker, the outspoken Ali Larijani.

The state-run Iranian media is not useful for much.  However, Press TV – slowly but surely being removed from western satellite providers – is always ready to publish a disgraceful headline.  And Mr. Speaker certainly knows how to provide a headline!

“US, West will burn in fire of Muslims’ wrath: Larijani”

“The West and the US should know that they will burn in the fire of the Muslims’ hatred if they do not make a right decision,” Larijani said in an address to a Majlis open session on Sunday.” 

Larijani does not hold his punches when it comes to the US, the country so pleasantly labeled ‘The Great Satan’ by the Iranian regime.  Regarding the latest outbreak of violence in Lebanon which has been inspired – if not initiated – by Assad’s regime and/or the Iranian proxy Hezbollah, Larijani points his accusing finger firmly at the US:

 “It is perceived that, after the measures pursued by the US to exert pressure on the Iranian nation, they (the Americans) will also carry out acts of terror, both in our country and in Lebanon,” Larijani said in an open session of the Majlis on Sunday.   

Lucky for him he didn’t try to enter Canada.


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