Canada’s brave decision

The Canadian government took a brave and morally justified decision when it expelled the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Certain news agencies though, appear to have lost not only their moral compass, but also a basic sense of proportion.

Iranian students are first victims of embassy closure

Ottawa’s closure of Iranian embassy leaves international students in tough spot

The wave of articles, expressing solidarity with the Iranian students whose lives will be affected by this decision, belittle (and sometimes ignore) the reason behind this step taken by the Canadian government.  Tens of thousands of Syrians are losing their lives.  The massacre, rape and torture are relentless.  All the while, Iran is sending its elite forces to support Assad, stoking the already raging fires.

But what about the Iranian students in Canada who we are told can no longer “get translation services”?   “They’re all kind of victims of all the politics”.  Well, they’re not really victims are they? In Homs and Aleppo – and across Syria – there are victims:  Victims of mass murder, rape and torture at the hands of an Iran-backed Syrian regime.

The Ottawa Citizen even managed to print this ludicrous statement of one Iranian student:

“I believe it’s a silly move of the Mickey Mouse government of Canada to shut down our embassy,” said an Iranian student who studies computer science. “Their reasons are ridiculous.”

While this Iranian student seems to think the ‘Iran-backed massacres in Syria’ are a ridiculous reason; luckily there are some Canadian outlets who understand the morality, courage, and simple logic behind this decision:

But for the average Canadian – for whom perhaps Syria is far far away – it is this article that should be most relevant:

The dubious Islamic recruitment programs to convert immigrants and their descendents to be “of service to our beloved Iran” should worry each and every Canadian.

This regime that spreads extremism and terror across the globe has been manipulating its foothold in the multi-cultural, welcoming liberal society of Canada.  Canadians should therefore rally around their government and say good riddance to these representatives of the Iranian regime; one of the most brutal and extreme Islamic regimes in the world today; a regime that does not believe Jihad should respect borders.

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6 comments on “Canada’s brave decision
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