CNN’s Iranophilia

A simply astonishing piece of reporting by CNN.

It is as if Khamenei himself sat down with Reza Sayah and dictated a personal ad for the NAM conference and the current Iranian regime.  Sayah bases the article on the Iranian claim that the US and Israel are whipping up ‘Iranophobia’ to delegitimize what he presents as a perfectly peaceful nuclear program.  He interviews politicians and diplomats from around the world who respond in a monolithic fashion.  They “have no issue” with, and in fact openly “support” Iran’s nuclear program.  He ignores the ‘consensus of concern’ amongst western states, as well as the IAEA report that was published just last week.

The IAEA report (which is the work of a UN agency – not the west) clearly criticizes the Islamic Republic of Iran for a distinct lack of transparency regarding the potential military elements of its program.  It also noted that Iran’s opaque nuclear program continues at an increased pace, despite the international diplomatic endeavors and sanctions.

On a positive note, this New York Daily News piece manages to highlight UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s brave – if not futile – attempt to influence the current Iranian regime.  Unfortunately, Ban’s words won’t stop Iran arming and aiding Assad; it won’t free the political prisoners; and it will not open up Iran’s nuclear program to his inspectors.  But at least there was one person speaking the truth at the NAM conference:

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One comment on “CNN’s Iranophilia
  1. […] in many cases brave) people; the NAM conference was a pure propaganda exercise (see my previous posts on the issue).  It was a manipulative attempt at normalization and means to deflect attention from […]

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